How to Pack a Piano?

Moving a piano can be a tricky think… to say the least. If you have not read yet our previous article about moving a piano on your own, we recommend to check out our blog Piano Moving DIY. However, if you want to learn how to pack a piano for moving there are a few important things to consider and a few alternatives to make your task easier.

Are you a handy person?

If you like assembling IKEA furniture chances are that you may be good with tools, but don’t underestimate the task in question. Disassembling some parts of the piano (like the legs and/or lid may be challenging enough for most people. However, such task is not impossible and can be doable if you have the right tools and some friends to help you support the piano properly before you start disassembling it.

Disassembling and wrapping the piano lid, lyre (pedals) and legs

Start by separating the lid and wrapping it with some old thick blankets and if possible, re-wrap them with some cardboard and tape. Then proceed to unassembled the pedals (except for upright pianos) and pack them properly. Put all the bolts and other removable parts like the wheels in a small box or bag to avoid any loss. It may also be useful to record a video of the disassembling so that you know exactly where each part goes once you’re ready for reassembling.

pack piano moving

After that, continue wrapping the whole piano with several blankets and then proceed to use cardboard to protect the piano even more. Leave the bottom part of the piano free so that you can work on disassembling the legs (for grand pianos). Go one at a time and be very careful when removing one. If possible, use a strong table of about the same height to support the area where the leg was connected. Proceed the same way with the other legs and wrap them carefully in blankets and cardboard.


Piano Main Structure Wrapping

Proceed to wrap the bottom of the piano with blankets and tape and then turn it into a vertical position. At this point you can finish with the cardboard wrapping and if possible, use some small tie-down ratchets or rope to secure the wrapping around the most important areas.

Also, it’s always a good idea to wear work gloves to avoid any kind of accident that may damage your hands or fingers.

If you prefer to skip all these steps and need some professional help make sure to contact us and we will be glad to help you packing and moving your piano.