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Your Local Moving Company for Residential and Commercial Moves

We offer a wide variety of affordable moving services for Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock and all surrounding suburbs. We offer local moves as well as long-distance moves.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding any of our rates and service specifics.

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Vancouver Local Moving Services

Planning a move, even a local one within the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, may present unforeseen difficulties that can result in a stressful situation. Fortunately, Affordable Movers is familiar with those hiccups that make moving a challenge, such as road construction and detours, slow or no moving traffic, bad weather, traffic accidents, and so forth.

The expert moving crew at Affordable Movers knows their way around the city and suburbs, making it easy for them to choose the most ideal route to ensure a safe pickup and delivery, while also sticking to the pre-determined time table. Each moving truck is well equipped and features the highest quality line of lift gates and ramps available. Dollies, straps, tape, shrink wrap, and a generous number of clean blankets are provided by Affordable Movers to keep all items safely secured and free from damage.

Best of all, these items are included in the moving cost at no extra charge. Wardrobe boxes are also available, making it a breeze to move clothing. Affordable Movers is qualified to handle all moving needs in a safe and professional manner, from houses to condos, to storage facilities and apartments, to business offices and more!

Long Distance Moving Services

As if a local move isn’t stressful enough, a long distance move can be anxiety provoking, particularly if a professional moving company hasn’t been hired yet. While the thought of leaving Vancouver and beginning a new adventure elsewhere can be exciting, there’s no need to stress about the actual move itself. At Affordable Movers, highly trained and professional workers are ready to assist with packing, loading, driving to the new location, and unloading. With a proven track record of successful moves and an abundance of first hand experience, a long distance move will go smoothly and all belongings will arrive to the new destination safely and intact.

There are several moving companies in Vancouver that handle long distance moves, but there are some considerations that should be made prior to hiring one.

First, a reputable moving company will make available copies of their insurance policy. This is very important to look over in the event that belongings are damaged or lost. If a company will not provide this information, they should not be hired. Testimonials from previous customers are a great way to gain insight as to whether customers were happy with their experience regarding the long distance move.

You should also ask prior to hiring a moving company what their terms & conditions are and if there are specific items they won’t handle. For instance, houseplants and propane tanks are two items that you may have to transport on your own. When making a long distance move, look for a company that offers professional service, has friendly and experienced employees, and has equipment that is clean and in good condition.

Hiring a moving company isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Options should be researched and reviews should be taken into consideration. At Affordable Movers, our trustworthy and professional workers are ready to assist in long-distance moves and provide a service that will exceed expectations.

Commercial Moving Services

When preparing for a commercial move in Vancouver, Affordable Movers knows how strenuous it can be. After all, a lot of work goes into relocating an entire retail space or office. Hopefully, the new premises have already been found and secured, and the only thing left to do is pack and move to the new location. A commercial move can be really overwhelming and we at Affordable Movers can help make it easy!

First, it’s important to take into consideration the cost of labour and resources, as well as the possible risk to employees, office equipment, and valuables when planning a commercial move in Vancouver. With Affordable Movers, there’s no need to stress about planning a move and carrying it out when you can leave it all to the experts. Affordable Movers will gladly handle everything moving related, including the logistics and timing, carefully packing items, and moving everything to the new property.

Affordable Movers are experienced and well equipped to safely move furniture and sensitive office equipment, and are also knowledgeable about regulations to do with commercial moving that might otherwise go unknown. For instance, Affordable Movers is well versed in restricted loading dock hours, after-hour moving, hallway covers, and elevator protectors. Skilled movers are also invaluable when it comes to the actual moving process since they are aware of how to safely and efficiently move bulky reception desks, filing cabinets, and electronics, such as photocopy machines, printers, and server towers.

In the unlikely event that something does get damaged during the move, commercial movers have insurance to cover the damage. While the insurance offers protection for office equipment and furniture, it may also cover any incidental damage that could happen to the building during the move. Believe it or not, wall damage alone can cost several hundred dollars to repair if there isn’t proper moving insurance. Most commercial movers in Vancouver carry this insurance, which means a business won’t need to incur the additional cost of this insurance.

When making a commercial move in the Vancouver area, hiring Affordable Movers can take the worry, risk, aggravation, labour issues, and liability away from a business. The expert staff will handle everything and make the move a breeze!

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