5 Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company

It is well known that Canadians move many times during their lifetimes due to different reasons like: buying a new property, relocations due to know jobs, to live in a more affordable area, trips overseas, etc.

No matter what your reason is to move it is important to know that moving to a new home can be a tedious, long and sometimes painful process. Sometimes a move can be more complex than expected due to different reasons, like moving an extensive number of belongings, long distance moving, moving with pets, or just because of not choosing the right moving company.

In this article we will focus on the latter and will share some of the most important tips to choose the right movers for your next relocation.


Tip 1: Find a reliable moving company

Nowadays, technology has made it easier for us to find whatever we need online and in a matter of seconds. However, it’s important to consider that there are many Websites of moving companies that show tons of testimonials but that we don’t really know if that information is reliable. Therefore, it is a better idea to take a look at sites like Google Maps, Google Business, or Yelp to look for more trustable sources of reviews. Usually, such sites have a better system of ranking the reputation of the reviewers and even allow the business to reply to good or bad comments.

That said, don’t forget to ask your friends or family members if they know a reliable company as “word of mouth” still rocks.

Tip 2: Get at least three moving estimates

That’s right! Some moving companies may have hidden fees or exorbitant prices so it’s always a good idea to get some moving quotes and compare if prices are competitive regarding the industry. However, remember that some companies may charge more because they specialize in a moving niche (check the next tip).

Tip 3: Assess if you need specialized services

The moving industry has a wide range of services and while some companies offer all of them, others focus on a specific niche (e.g.: moving pianos).

Another niche to consider in your research for finding the right movers is to see if the moving company mostly does homes or small apartments. Even if it seems obvious that both services should be similar there are some important differences between moving a 1-bedroom apartment than moving a 5-bedroom house.

Tip 4: Consider getting an insurance

Some moving companies offer a basic moving insurance for free (is it really free?) but it may not be good enough to cover your precious belongings should something bad occur. That’s why you should ask yourself what’s your stuff worth and decide to take an insurance for a premium. While moving disasters are unlikely on a probability basis, unforeseen events may happen and therefore, it’s always important to analyze if paying extra money for an insurance is worth it.

It goes without saying that if you can move your most valuable belongings on your own or with the help of some reliable friends, then no need to spend more on premiums.

Tip 5: Make sure to get all the answers to your questions

Communication is the key to loving relationships but also to business agreements. If you’re still unsure of how things work or have more questions along the way don’t hesitate to contact your mover. That will also give you an opportunity to evaluate their service and see if they’re professional or offer a good customer service. Remember that you’re the customer and they should treat you well and respond to all your questions in a polite manner.

Thank you for checking out our blog! We hope it was useful for you.