How Early Should You Choose A Residential Moving Company?

Finding a reputable residential moving company is a must when relocating to a new community. Many people aren’t quite sure when is the right time to hire a firm to manage their move. No matter how far (or local) your next move, you should consider contacting prospective residential moving companies roughly six to eight weeks before your relocation date. This gives you ample time to thoroughly screen a potential vendor as well as ensure you get on their schedule.

Other Considerations When Hiring Qualified Moving Services

It’s important to remember that the six to eight-week window is a general industry rule of thumb; missing it does not mean you don’t have the time needed to vet and hire a residential moving company, especially if you enter the process prepared. The first thing to consider is the overall distance and difficulty of your move. Short-distance moves and/or moves that only require a few items to be relocated may not require as much notice. A skilled and qualified vendor will have the experience needed to manage your job, even without extensive advanced planning.

The time of year that you move can also impact how much time you’ll need for scheduling. The busiest season for a residential moving company often runs from May through August. If you’re considering relocating during these months, you may want to reach out even sooner than eight weeks before your move to ensure you get on the schedule before the influx of other families who may require relocation services.

Pulse Your Network For Prospective Vendors

If you’re not sure how to find the right company for your job, start with whom you know. Personal referrals are the best way to find a reputable mover in your area. Once you’ve put together your list of prospects, contact each to discuss your moving needs as well as request references. Vendors can use your input to create an online estimate, or may even request to schedule a visit to your home to get the scope of the project. Comparing quotes and checking references will give you the insight needed to make your final hiring selection.

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