Great Simple Moving Hacks for a Successful Move

When it comes to moving, over planning is never a bad thing. As a matter of fact, after serving so many clients we have come to see that those who were more organized and planned better, not only had a smoother moving experience but also saved money. The latter can be true in most cases due to the simple fact that our movers find it easier to pick and organize the belongings in the trucks.

Packing your belongings properly can save space… and money

Some clients even go to the extent to store their socks inside their shoes to save space and of course, for those ladies who love collecting pairs of shoes, that can be some storage savings and therefore less boxes to move.

Now, we’re not suggesting that everyone should be so meticulous to have to everything so well packed and organized, as that can also be time consuming (not necessarily, though). However, some smart hacks can definitely help improve your moving experience.

Add colour stickers to boxes to easily differentiate the content of your boxes

Think for instance about the Google logo. Have you noticed that most of their products (GmailAdWordsDrive, etc.) all have the same colours? The bottom line is that colours can help organize things in a simpler way than just adding tags with names or even numbers. This is true because our human psychology helps us to associate things with concepts or ideas. An example of this is adding colour stickers to boxes (e.g.: red for kitchen stuff, green for bedrooms, yellow for bathrooms, etc.).

Pack all liquids inside plastic bags

Yes, as simple as this sounds you will be surprised of how many people just don’t take the time to pack the shampoo tubes inside bags. Of course, you can imagine the consequences in case of a badly closed rinse bottle or even worse, an acetone spill. So just get some supermarket bags and put all the liquids inside. Of course, don’t forget to properly seal the bag!

Make sure to check all the removable parts of your furniture

Probably you’ve seen those IKEA futons that have metal parts at the end of the legs. Often those little and apparently unimportant items are loose and can come off while you move furniture. However, if you miss one of those supports you may end up having to add some piece of cardboard to avoid your dining table to tip to one side. So, when preparing for a move, take a look at your furniture and see if there are little parts that can be removed and if so, remove them and put them in a specific bag or box, or simply use some tape to keep them from falling off.

Whether you are a very organized person, or you just want to save some money in your next move, we hope these simple tips can help a bit your moving experience. They can be more useful for big house moves but also for small moves.

If you want to learn more moving hacks just watch the following video.


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